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Apart from country music and southern accents, there is one more thing that Texas is quite known for, and that is its climate. The climate in Texas is generally hot, so even mild winters could move the locals into the arms of large furnaces and a hot plate of barbecue.

Importance of Furnace in Texas

As experienced contractors of a furnace replacement in Killeen, we innately understand all HVAC issues. As we mentioned above, the locals of Texas are accustomed to high temperatures, and therefore, even mild winters drive us all insane. Unlike the states of Minnesota and Washington, the Texans have no proper immunity to cold temperatures. Hence, the furnaces become extremely essential here.

As a crucial heating appliance, a furnace needs to be maintained so that it doesn’t go off in the middle of a chilly winter night. We understand that seeking HVAC services regularly could be hassling. But let us warn you that ignoring minor issues would only worsen them and not magically heal them.

If you encounter HVAC issues, work it out with our professionals. Whereas, if you don’t find any significant faults yet, we recommend you to carry out thorough maintenance sprees to ensure their efficient operation.

We have chalked out some crucial advantages that furnace maintenance bestows. This will give you a perception regarding the importance of regular maintenance.

Reduced Utility Bills

This might sound like a stretch, but regular service can actually lower your utility bills. This is because:

  • Routine services and checkups could amplify the efficiency of a furnace. Maintenance will leave behind clean ducts and new motors to ensure swift work.

  • High efficiency will consequently lead to low energy consumption.

  • And at last, low energy consumption would undoubtedly result in low energy bills.

Ensures a Safe Environment

Avoiding and sidelining proper maintenance sessions could make you overlook numerous potential threats like:

  • Accumulation of toxins inside the furnace.

  • Wires could be perilously entangled together that might cause a fire.

  • Your furnace might be internally leaking.


Therefore, to ensure that your home remains free from any furnace issues, call our HVAC contractors for maintenance.

Prolongs the Life of Your Furnace

You might or might not agree with this fact, but regular maintenance does prolong the life of a furnace. It is a fact that every HVAC appliance can be pushed up beyond its average lifespan if promptly taken care of.

Thus, properly maintaining and servicing your furnace will ensure:

  • A furnace structured enough to function well

  • An appliance that poses zero threats to you and your family

  • A furnace that works effectively with its heating functions

These routine maintenance sessions will indeed make your furnace more durable and efficient. Contact Lockey Heating & AC at 254-773-1733 for the best HVAC repair in Killeen. Our professionals will remain at your disposal when it comes to handling any Heat pump repair in Killeen.

November 30, 2020

Lockey Heating & A\C


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We all look at our home furnace as soon as fall begins and makes us shiver. Our home furnace is designed to provide us safe, clean, and smooth function throughout the winter. But, if you have started noticing unexplainable and unusual odors coming from your furnace, it can be an indication that your furnace system has some issues. Calling an HVAC service in Killeen, TX, is the most recommended step when you experience any weird smell coming out from your furnace. Here are some common types of furnace smells that you should never ignore.

The Smell of Rotten Eggs

Rotten eggs smell like sulfur. If your furnace system is smelling like rotten eggs, that is a cause for serious alarm. Utility companies put odor-causing substances in odorless natural gases so that a gas leakage can be easily recognized. If you smell this type of smell inside your room, it could indicate that your furnace is leaking natural gas. It can cause a disastrous fire explosion inside your home. Take immediate action.

  • Evacuate your home at once.

  • Reach a safer place and call an HVAC service in Killeen, TX, for assistance.

Musty Smell

If your furnace has mold formation inside the system, you may notice a musty smell coming out from the system. Mold can grow in the ductwork or the coil that is mounted above your furnace. You need to take the necessary actions such as inspection and cleaning. Or,

  • Shut off the furnace.

  • Call a professional HVAC service in Killeen, TX.

  • Let the professional HVAC contractor do a thorough scan of the system and make necessary fixes.

Dusty or Burning Smell

When your furnace starts for the first time during winter, you may sense a burning or dusty smell coming out from the system. This is a normal phenomenon in most cases, and once the dust inside the system blows away, the smell will stop. But, if the odor persists, it is an indication that there is a severe problem with your furnace. In such a case, you need to give the furnace some time to get rid of that accumulated dust. If you haven’t changed your air filters for a long time now, change the furnace filters to see if the odor goes away. However, if the smell continues, call a professional furnace repair in Killen, TX, for technical help.

Metallic or Overhead Smells

If any component inside your home furnace is getting too hot, it may produce a smell similar to hot metal, hot plastic, or burning oil. If any smell suggests something like your furnace is overheating or burning—

  • Shut the furnace immediately and unplug it.

  • Call a professional HVAC service in Killen, TX, for inspection and repair.

  • Monitor the furnace for a few hours and make sure there is no fire or further problems.

For heating installation in Temple, TX, and other furnace related queries, call Lockey Heating & AC. Our professional team shall keep your furnace working as they should. For more information on what to do when your furnace is producing unusual smells, contact us today. 254-773-1733

October 26, 2020

Lockey Heating & A\C


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Whether you believe it or not, carpeting has an impact on your home’s indoor air quality. According to professionals, carpeting is a preventive measure to keep allergens and particles from entering the air, as it tends to trap them. But, if you leave your carpet unattended for too long, those allergens and particles trapped in the carpet can become detrimental to your family members and result in various health problems such as skin irritation, persistent cough, fatigue, and even difficulty in breathing. With these drawbacks, it may sound like a bad idea to carpet your living room. However, the HVAC contractors say that the solution is pretty simple; you just need to keep your carpet clean as routinely as your heating repair in Killeen, TX.

Carpets and Indoor Air Quality 

You may have come across carpets made from natural products. However, the process used to make them, are not so natural. They are often made with chemicals that can cause health problems when released in the air. The adhesive glue used while laying carpets can release irritating and potentially harmful chemicals in the air. This is why it’s a common problem for people to experience strange health effects after new carpets have been installed in their homes.

An older carpet can pose different health risks, as well. The carpet captures dirt, dust, bacteria, mold, and mild dew, which settle in and get buried deep down into the layers. The cleaning materials used during carpet cleaning also release harmful substances into the air, while worsening your indoor air quality.

How to Keep Your Carpet Clean

There is a myriad of ways to keep your carpet clean, and the most popular among them is vacuuming. If you have installed a new carpet, you need to be careful of the harmful chemicals it releases. Buying a low emission carpet for your home is a better idea. Before installing the carpet inside your home, ask the installers to do the job maintaining proper standards. Moreover, keep your room adequately ventilated during the installation process. This way, the air pollutants, and chemicals will circulate right out of your house while keeping your carpet clean.

Can Your Heating System Improve Air Quality? 

There are two basic strategies to improve indoor air quality:

  • Controlling the source

  • Improving ventilation

Source Control

Your carpet plays a pivotal role in worsening your indoor air quality; you need to clean the carpet more frequently. Schedule a heating repair in Killeen, TX soon! As the carpet captures dirt and dust particles, it becomes a homeland to various germs and bacteria. By cleaning them frequently, you can stop it from contaminating your indoor air.

Improve Ventilation

Your central heating system can bring fresh air into the house. You can also open the windows and the doors when the weather permits, to increase the outdoor ventilation rate. The exhausts can also be used to remove contaminants directly from the room. Don’t allow your heating system to collaborate with your carpet in contaminating your home. Schedule heating installation in Killeen, TX. 

At Lockey Heating & AC, we provide professional repair, maintenance, and heating replacement in Killeen TX. If you want to discuss more on how to keep your indoor air quality in its best condition, talk to our expert today. 254-773-1733.

October 15, 2020

Lockey Heating & A\C


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October 25, 2018

Lockey Heating & A\C


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