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October 15, 2020

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Your central heating system can bring fresh air into the house. You can also open the windows and the doors when the weather permits, to increase the outdoor ventilation rate. The exhausts can also be used to remove contaminants directly from the room. Don’t allow your heating system to collaborate with your carpet in contaminating your home. Schedule heating installation in Killeen, TX. 

At Lockey Heating & AC, we provide professional repair, maintenance, and heating replacement in Killeen TX. If you want to discuss more on how to keep your indoor air quality in its best condition, talk to our expert today. 254-773-1733.

Improve Ventilation

Your carpet plays a pivotal role in worsening your indoor air quality; you need to clean the carpet more frequently. Schedule a heating repair in Killeen, TX soon! As the carpet captures dirt and dust particles, it becomes a homeland to various germs and bacteria. By cleaning them frequently, you can stop it from contaminating your indoor air.

Source Control

There are two basic strategies to improve indoor air quality:

  • Controlling the source

  • Improving ventilation

Can Your Heating System Improve Air Quality? 

There is a myriad of ways to keep your carpet clean, and the most popular among them is vacuuming. If you have installed a new carpet, you need to be careful of the harmful chemicals it releases. Buying a low emission carpet for your home is a better idea. Before installing the carpet inside your home, ask the installers to do the job maintaining proper standards. Moreover, keep your room adequately ventilated during the installation process. This way, the air pollutants, and chemicals will circulate right out of your house while keeping your carpet clean.

How to Keep Your Carpet Clean

You may have come across carpets made from natural products. However, the process used to make them, are not so natural. They are often made with chemicals that can cause health problems when released in the air. The adhesive glue used while laying carpets can release irritating and potentially harmful chemicals in the air. This is why it’s a common problem for people to experience strange health effects after new carpets have been installed in their homes.

An older carpet can pose different health risks, as well. The carpet captures dirt, dust, bacteria, mold, and mild dew, which settle in and get buried deep down into the layers. The cleaning materials used during carpet cleaning also release harmful substances into the air, while worsening your indoor air quality.

Carpets and Indoor Air Quality 

Whether you believe it or not, carpeting has an impact on your home’s indoor air quality. According to professionals, carpeting is a preventive measure to keep allergens and particles from entering the air, as it tends to trap them. But, if you leave your carpet unattended for too long, those allergens and particles trapped in the carpet can become detrimental to your family members and result in various health problems such as skin irritation, persistent cough, fatigue, and even difficulty in breathing. With these drawbacks, it may sound like a bad idea to carpet your living room. However, the HVAC contractors say that the solution is pretty simple; you just need to keep your carpet clean as routinely as your heating repair in Killeen, TX.

Is Carpeting Bad for Your Indoor Air Quality


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